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    Detroit Hydrofest 2018
    Boat Racing on the Detroit River - Aug. 25-26, 2018
    For Sponsorship and Hospitality Information
    Please contact HydroFest Offices:

    Attn. Mark Weber
    586-206-8894 or e-mail : mark@detroitboatraces.com
    Photo by Robert Peters

Event Features...

Each summer Unlimited Hydroplanes race at speeds touching 200mph on the Detroit River.

  • Free Friday! Admission to the Grandstand area and General Admission parks is free. Testing and qualifying from 1pm to 7pm.
  • APBA H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes race for two prestigious trophies!
  • HRL Grand Prix Hydroplanes powered by supercharged 468ci big-block engines with a top speed of 160MPH
  • H350 Hydroplanes with 350ci small-block Chevy engines and a top speed of 120MPH
  • Hot Rod show
  • Live music and entertainment

Check out the Racing!

These are the racing classes you will see at this year's race!

Unlimited Hydroplanes

Unlimited Hydroplane action from Detroit 2016! What does it mean to win the Gold Cup? See J. Michael Kelly's face at 11:30.

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Grand Prix Hydroplanes

Spectacular Grand Prix hydro racing! And the noise! Watch Detroiter Andrew Tate take the win in Buffalo, NY.

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H350 Hydro

This is some of the most competitive hydroplane racing you'll ever see! Check out the action from Valleyfield Quebec

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