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    Detroit Hydrofest 2019
    2019 Logo
    Boat Racing on the Detroit River - Aug. 24-25, 2019
    Photo by Robert Peters

Event Features...

Photo by Robert Peters
  • Grand Prix Hydroplanes - the world's fastest automotive powered hydroplanes.
  • HRL Grand Prix Hydroplanes powered by supercharged 468ci big-block engines with a top speed of 160MPH
  • H-350 Hydro (20-22 boats) - 19 feet in length and feature a 350 cu in carburetor Chevrolet engine, top speed of 120 mph
  • Jersey Speed Skiffs - 16 foot V8 powered wild riding race boats
  • Hot Rod show
  • Live music and entertainment

Check out the Racing!

These are some of the racing classes you will see at this year's race!

Grand Prix Hydroplanes

Spectacular Grand Prix hydro racing! And the noise! Watch Detroiter Andrew Tate take the win in Buffalo, NY.

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H-350 Hydroplanes

H-350 Hydroplanes,19 feet in length, featuring a 350 Chevy engine, hitting speeds approaching 120 mph

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